lunedì 10 settembre 2018

2Days Prog+1 – 10th Edition.Veroodstock confirms the magic!

Hi to those who read me!

Those, for better or for worse, who thought this blog was dead and buried were wrong! 
Even if I'm not posting anything since September 2017 (I have lots of items to talk you with, but time and tiredness are tyrants!), the number of monthly visitors is widely satisfactory. For this I would like to thank all visitors, from Russia (without love, but never say never!) to America and Japan!

L'immagine può contenere: testoBut let's talk about the on topic item: the 10th edition of 2Days Prog+1 Festival in Veruno, by now well known in the whole world, confirmed its magic!

Just to confirm it, let me say that I met some people who came to attend to a single day that, after breathing Veroodstock atmosphere, have chosen to sleep in their car to enjoy the rest of the festival! Great, isn't it?

As ever the Festival management has been very clever (with Octavia, Alberto and Daina running continuously from the main stage to Auditorium and vice versa.. and you now the hill is not so gentle!): all musicians felt very comfortably, food and drinks were always on tap, even after headliners performances, merchandising was rich and varied (but I think next year the space reserved to them should be larger, because they are increasing), the police (not the band!) continually controlled that all was going in the right way and all of us, organizers, exposers and audience, were happy to meet again after one year, as it would be the chance to re-unite the family around the Christmas table!

Even this year the audience was very copious and coming from different places in the world. The maximum was reached with the Banco del Mutuo Soccorso performance, but also on Sunday, with Vanilla Fudge there were lots of people.   

All the young band who played, even in the Auditorium or on the main stage, were quite good: Isproject (helped by Cellar Noise components for the Live performance), Mindspeak (quite good but a bit expectable) from the Auditorium. Kyros (quite good, progmetal/alternative oriented) and the surprising Smalltape, with their (not only) jazzy influences, on the main stage.
My exhortation to young bands is always the same: dare, dare, dare! Move over the prog style, use longer musical phrases, join the experiences and the influences... we all passionate listeners are waiting for real new music which can break the old rules to give us satisfaction!

L'immagine può contenere: nuvola, cielo, albero e spazio all'aperto The ordeal of Festival opening was given to Panther & C. from Genoa, with their sound ranging from Jethro Tull to Camel. They reached the difficult goal of catching the audience attention, while they were still entering Piazzetta della Musica (is its real name, as you can see!) and waving and kissing to each other!

Among the bands which came in succession on the main stage I found very interesting The Universe By Ear, with their particular sound, sometimes echoing King Crimson,especially in some structures, choirs and in the heavy riffs.
In my opinion the best main stage performance was Banco's, where only Vittorio Nocenzi stays as genuine member. But I must confess I risk not to be objective due to the immense love and affection I have for this band!
The singer Tony D'Alessio, though showing a vocal extension a bit less wide than Di Giacomo's one, has shown good personality and great power... if only he would remember when it's time to start singing!
"Uomo non so, se io somiglio a te" (Man, I don't know if I look like you), lacks of meaning without "Uomo non so" (Man, I don't know)! 

Magic Pie was very good. they played songs from their four albums (I only know Motions of Desire, their first one, which I like), while less interesting to my taste were Von Hertzen Brothers, too easy for me, and Ranestrane (because of my well known idiosyncrasy towards Neoprog).

Good performance from the historical french band Ange and their incredible frontman Christian Decamps, especially at the very beginning and at the end (with the great "Capitaine Coeur de Miel"), while it was a bit too easy in the middle, where took place songs from the last works.

Amon Dull II were not as "trance inductive" as I remeber in my youth, maybe it's a matter of age, but their performance was good and Renate is great! 

Great groove and Mark Stein's fascinating voice, even if they are not really a prog band, from the Vanilla Fudge, of which maybe only "Some Velvet Morning", whose execution exalted the audience, has a resemblance with 100% prog style! 

But I have to confess that the most emotional moment of the whole 3 days festival hasn't come from a band, neither from prog songs, but from the piano solo Gianni Nocenzi performance at the Auditorium on Saturday!
I wasn't the only one who moved to tears while he was playing!
A giant musician and artist who deserves, as ever, all my respect and affection, also for the sincerity he showed to the audience.

After the last performance is always nostalgic to thank the management, wave and kiss each other, because we know we have to come back to everyday life, waiting for the next edition!

2Days Prog+1 (or Veruno Prog, as we nickname it with affection) is a rare beautiful jewel, an happy oasis, but it's important that musicians, exposers and also the audience conform to management rules, which are not tantrums. If the agreement with the musicians is, for example, that the first two bands have to play for 50 minutes and the last two headliners for 90 minutes, no one should violate it. If anyone isn't headliner he cannot assume the right to be. It's a matter of respect!
Moreover, time and duration are in accord with local administration which could apply a fee in case of violation, causing the loss of all the gains due to the efforts by organization and sponsors.
It comes natural to ask why on the first day they ended at one 'o clock in the night, even starting at 6,15 pm, while in the next 2 days the end was reached in perfect time, starting at 6,15 pm as well: egoism, arrogance and lack of respect we would like never take place in Veruno Prog ecosystem!

Last positive note: they enlarged the portion of "grill meat with fried potatoes"! Quite good for the next future!  

Thank you to all of you and hope to be more frequent with my posts!