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Veroodstock 9th - It was love, peace and truth...

Hi to those who read me.

If anyone for a single moment could have thought to be saved from my 2Days + 1 report...well, he was wrong!

I don’t know why, but always the week subsequent to Veruno is a bit complicated. Maybe for the hard come back to reality or for a strange nemesis.

First of all I want to notice that the event interationalization process goes on very fast: this year the audience was composed also by french, spanish, austrian, german people, among the italians. This is gorgeous! It means that Veruno Prog is quite famous abroad!

The advantage to write after one week is to have the chance to catch lots of comments.
I ensure you that I find a choir of approvals from those who took part to the event and had the opportunity to taste the “musical microclimate” created in this little Piedmontese village. This means “the path is clear”.

The quiet and relaxed climate, never disturbed by foolish fanaticism, gives the opportunity also to the musicians involved to appreciate other band performances among the audience, exchanging opinions with the audience and living the incredible atmosphere created.

Among the others, Andy Tillison (TangeKanic) and Matthew Parmenter (Discipline), this one often a bit shy, wandered in Piazzetta della Musica taking look at the stands and listening to the music.

This magical climate is created both from the continuous and passionate work of the organizers (Alberto Temporelli above all) and the audience, which benefits of three days of friendship, music and serenity in the best way.
Typical expression of huge fans, like banners, choirs and so on, probably would be out of place in a place like Veruno Prog Festival (you are informed!)

Also this edition has registered a huge turnout. This has made necessary new safety rules.
I remember with tenderness the first editions, when under the stage there were only 50 persons, more or less. Nowadays edition are extremely different in terms of number of persons!

This year I reached the stage a bit later with the respect to my habits, because of a setting error of mine on the navigator, summed with some joker friend that secretly set on it “No Motorways”, “No Fee”.
I have to thank him to let me know a great part of Lombardy-Piedmont country, but it’s better for him not to show me his identity...

But we’re in to talk about Music and let’s go.

Forum 19

The idea to show emergent bands at the Auditorium seems now going well.
In the preceding editions there was a secondary attention to these bands, now the audience is quite large and very interested to new proposals.

This year there were on stage  Lo Zoo Di Berlino, who play an interesting post-rock enriched with atmosphere and pathos (Special guest in their album is Patrizio Fariselli from Area), and the very young Cellar Noise, still bridled between Genesis and Steven Wilson sound, but quite clever to be a  clear promise for RPI, if they will keep their artistic flair.

Main Stage

The italian bands involved this year nothing have to envy to the others.
The Venetian Mad Fellaz, with their new singer, opened this edition with their sound enriched with jazz and fusion. With their rhythmic and warm music they have been successful to capture the attention of the audience which was still approaching the location.
The Roman Ingranaggi della Valle hit the stage on Sunday, playing songs from their two very good albums, the second more fusion oriented. They warmed the stage to classic prog  Sophya Baccini’s Aradia, the “all but one" female band coming from Naples (as myself) with their little great vocalist leader and as special guest the great Christian Decamps by Ange.
All these bands have reached great interest and admiration and received long applauses from the audience.

Regarding the other bands, I’m going to divide them in preference sectors:

Sector 1: Motorpsycho, Discipline, Frost*

The pouring rain coming down during the whole Motorpsycho performance wasn’t able to calm down the excited audience. Great music, good powerful vibrations, wonderful gig.
The only weakness has been the italian promoter who didn’t give them the opportunity for the encore, along requested from the wet audience. The world is full of stupid persons and we would avoid to see them in Veruno, but sometimes it’s impossible. And this is regardless from any motivation.

Discipline were mostly unknown to me. They surprised me because of their strong analogy with Van Der Graaf Generator, both for sound and for Matthew Parmenter timbre and way of singing. Nice and captivating performance.

I know pretty well Frost* and I highly appreciate John Mitchell as singer and guitar player. Though their latest album is to me less interesting than the others, their electro-prog sound is charming and attractive!

Sector 2: Glass Hammer, Deafening Opera, Karfagen

While Discipline are VDGG inspired, Glass Hammer are almost Yes clones, since their preceding singer Jon Davison has left to join the latest patched up Yes lineup. Unfortunately the singer changing (now Susie Bogdanowicz) in my opinion has brought to less pushing and energy.

Deafening Opera are a Festival discovering: nice heavy prog, with some interesting solution. To know better.

Among  Antony Kalugin projects I find more interesting Sunchild. 
Karfagen charmed me more for the presence of two beautiful women on stage than for their music, in my opinion too soft and predictable.

Sector 3: Comedy of Errors, Tangekanic

Most of you know about my intolerance regarding neoprog. Comedy of Errors are its exponents.
You also know that I find The Tangent a little boring.

Outsiders: Procol Harum

Surprised another time by the band which closes the event (last year was Soft Machne Legacy)!
I think no one could consider Procol Harum as a prog band, but it’s composed by great musicians who play a very good rock-blues.
They enchanted the audience (about 5000 units) with their famous hits, but mainly with their rounded and substantial sound. And all at a volume less than the half than the preceding bands. Sometimes screaming is useless!

All in all this latest Veroodstock (As I love to nickname it) has been one of the most interesting and rich.
The organization has been flawless as ever and all the people, being musicians or audience, breathed the usual, unbelievable and uncomparable Veruno musical microclimate.
The lovely presenter Octavia Brown, with or without glass wings, was pretty, expansive and very cool and pleasant.

Some critical point is to the technical staff, always at top level in the past:
- we are under the stage to listen and gaze at the bands, but if we are completely blinded by the flashing lights we risk to not recognize also our friends for about three hours!
- The volume was too high, especially for Motorpsycho and Frost*. This time was as high that it was better to move away from the stage to better identify the single instruments. Furthermore in almost two moments we had to intervene from the audience to correct some errors: at the very beginning of the Ingranaggi performance I noticed the bass drum mike was off and noticed to the mixer operator. In the same way someone noticed to him that the cajon mike was off during Sophya Baccini performance.

After all, whoever is in luck to taste Veruno Prog Festival cannot avoid to think to come back, almost regardless from the bands involved in the event. Veroodstock is magic!

We are all ready for the tenth!

(The two Photos are courtesy of Vincenzo Murphy Nicolello who shots almost 1000 photos on every 2Days + 1 and puts a selection on Facebook)

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